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Kansas City

When you have a major city that extends across 2 states, it shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that you have (2) different transit authorities that serve this market. If you are trying to reach all of Kansas City, buying only one system whether it’s KC Metro or The “Jo” leaves a huge hole in your market plan. This is especially true when you consider that the 2 top areas for growth, the 2 top growing businesses and the top 2 rated suburbs are all divided equally between the two states.

We have worked hard to put this puzzle together for you and have become THE source for complete market coverage. Both systems, one source…OutSelling.

Coverage Highlights

• Downtown (KC)

• River Market (MO)

• The Country Club Plaza (MO)

• Brookside (MO)

• Overland Park (KS)

• Olathe (KS)

• Shawnee (KS)

Media Formats We Offer

• Transit